2018 Happy Roadkill Calendar

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Enjoy Intelligent Dead Animals all of 2018.

Picture Birmingham has a twisted side. Have you heard? I either photograph the most beautiful sides of Birmingham, or the most dead. Actually, no – not the MOST dead. I have extraordinarily high standards for photogenic roadkill only. No half possums or armadillos on the half-shell for me. Only the finest specimens that Birmingham has to offer. And when I pose them with props, yes – I totally leave them there so that other passerby can enjoy the roadside art installation.

For the first time, my alter-ego Happy Roadkill (follow on instagram at @HappyRoadkill) is publishing a calendar. Twelve months of inspiring speeches, touching poems, and photos that paint a 50,000 word novel so that you can enjoy the beauty and humor of roadkill all year long.

Perfect for Dirty Santa, that twisted uncle you never know what to buy, to put up in your cubicle to keep your more faint of heart co-workers away, and for baby showers and wedding presents.

All profits are donated to The WellHouse to help rescue victims of human trafficking.

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