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171229-Night-from-The-Elyton-IMG_9036-2 web


160706-The-Alabama-and-her-Murals web r


210807 Birmingham through the Kudzu RZC_9162 r 210807 birmingham behind the daisies RZC_8784 r 210704-who-let-vulcan-have-the-sparklers-cropped-RZC_6789 r 210704-who-gave-vulcan-the-sparklersRZC_6789 r 210704-vulcan-in-the-middle-blue-and-gold-cropped-RZC_6739 r 210704-Vulcan-in-Sparkles-RZC_6759 r 210704-vulcan-in-a-fireworks-storm-RZC_6764 r 210704-vulcan-fireworks-RZC_6792 r 210704-vulcan-fireworks-RZC_6596 r 210628 vulcan trail RZC_6511 r 210607-rainbow-bridge-and-storms-warhol-RZC_4821 r 210604 crest road pink sunset through garden RZC_4770 r 210604 crest road pink sunset through garden RZC_4717 r 210525 vulcan's backside up closeRZC_2890 r 210525 downtown at night from vulcan RZC_2854 r 210522 rainbow tunnel and pink skies downtown RZC_2838 r 210522 railroad park at dusk people on trails RZC_2793 r 210406-alabama-lyric-theatres-at-night-_M7A0954 r

170705-Neon-Dusk web


170602Alt-Flowers-and-Railroad-Park web r 200704-gold-and-purple-vulcan-fireworks-cropped-IMG_5789 web r 200115-Vulcan-Fireworks-and-Birmingham-SRGB s web r 191115 Linn Park Warren Averett Pairing IMG_2067 web r 191115 linn park fall sunset IMG_2003 web r 171221-Winter-Sunset-at-the-Alabama-IMG_7919 web r 180622-Vulcan-Controlling-the-Blaze-IMG_6845 web r 181206-railroad-park-at-christmas-IMG_9329-H web r 170906E-Sunset-from-the-Elyton-With-Birmingham's-Guardian-Angel web r 170712fALT-Birmingham-Sign-Flipped-20x24 web r 171216 Train in the Sunsets_4 web r 171218 Sloss at Sunset IMG_7813 web r 160705g-Magic-City web r


160620d-Sibyl-on-a-Pretty-Day web 160611n-Pink-Birmingham web 160713g-Railroad-Park-Clouds-in-the-Lake web 160817g-Electra On Black web 161122m-UAB-in-Purple web 170308-Sloss-Furnaces web 160817b-Caterpillar web 160922-Vulcan-and-the-Light-Tunnel-Warhol-20-x-24 web 170206-Practicing-for-Superhero-5k web 170308i-Sloss-Furnaces web 170731-Rays-over-Birmingham_MG_0002 web 170804 Downtown Sunset Block By Block _MG_1339s_1 web 170910 Gates of Tip Top Edited for Printing IMG_0179 web 160619b-Stunning-Birmingham web 160713f-Exercise-at-Railroad-Park web 160817d-Rainbow-Through-Rotary-Trail Final web 161116-Avondale-Park web 170208b-Hanging-out-at-Railroad-Park web 160714-Vulcan-Commanding-the-Sky web 170802 Spectacular Colors at Railroad Park _MG_0810 web 170308l-Sloss-Furnaces web 160822s-When-the-Skies-Turned-Pink web 170813 ELECTRA IMG_1219 web 170101 160817g-Electra And the Moon web 170731-Lovely-End-to-July_MG_0112 web 171024 Ice Skating at Railroad ParkIMG_5911 web 170308g-Sloss-Furnaces web 170804 Downtown Sunset Block By Block _MG_1318s_1 web  170801-Samford-Steeple web 170804 Downtown Sunset Block By Block _MG_1447s_1 web 180201-Drama-Downtown-IMG_2690 web 171018-Gianmarcos web 180421EDITED-200dpi-The-New-Alabama-sign-IMG_1236 web 171231 Sun Setting on 2017 IMG_9180 web 171218 Sloss at Sunset IMG_7829 web 180501 Light TunnelIMG_6805 web 171216 Train in the Sunsets_8 web 180529 pink skies and the church IMG_9337 web  180220 February at Ruffner IMG_3718 web 171221-Winter-Sunset-at-the-Alabama-IMG_7885 web 180423 Sunset at Railroad Park IMG_1634 web 180201-Three-Dimensional-Birmingham-IMG_2690 web 180128 The Alabama Textured IMG_0777 web 180522 Night Birmingham From Vulcan IMG_8760 web 180315 Lady Liberty in Cherry Blossoms IMG_6637 web 180423 Diva Ducks at Railroad Park IMG_1522 web 180611 Sunset Over Birmingham in Orange Hues IMG_9830 web 180519 Caboodle Sunset Downtown IMG_0854 web 180501 Birmingham and the Green Lady IMG_6829 web 180701 Railroad Park on the first of july IMG_8783 web 180529-Noah-Sunset-Downtown-Puddle-Jumps-IMG_9273 web 180522-Vulcan-Saying-Lumos-Moon-IMG_8913-300ppi web 180721-Sunset-from-the-Elyton-IMG_0460-edit-for-print web 180622bw Highlands IMG_6331 web 180905-Sunset-after-the-storm-IMG_4539-H3 web 180611-orange-hue-sunset-IMG_9752 web 180704-Vulcan-In-Gold-Dust-bIMG_9317-300-dpi-16-20-brighter web 180704-Fireworks-at-Vulcan-IMG_9376 web 180811-Textured-Sloss-11-14-300-dpi-IMG_6948 web 181005 Sloss at Sunset IMG_6333-H web 180905-Sunset-After-the-Storm-IMG_4479-H web 180905-Kudzu-Being-a-Wet-Blanket-IMG_4558-H web 181009 Rotary Trail on a Pink nightIMG_7130 edit web 181117 fall colors downtown city federal building IMG_2513 web 181009 Rotary Trail on a Pink nightIMG_7099re edit web 181130 christmas-at-elyton-IMG_9163 web 181117 fall colors downtown IMG_2498 web 181226-speeding-by-the-alabama-IMG_9159 web 181117 fall colors downtown city federal building IMG_2538 web 190101-New-Year-at-Railroad-Park-IMG_9974 web 181117-children's-hospital-in-the-pink-sunset-IMG_2686 web 190110-birmingham-through-the-flowers-IMG_0827 web 190128-Calm-Before-the-STorm-IMG_2959 web 181226-The-Creepy-Alabama-IMG_9010 web 190208-downtown-big-skies-IMG_5266 web 190222 Fractals on Vulcan Trail IMG_7343 web 190110-birmingham-through-the-flowers-IMG_0906 web 190222 Vulcan Sees His Shadow recolor IMG_7432 web 190405-railroad-park-in-white-IMG_3442 web 190519-Vulcan-in-the-blaze-IMG_4667 web 190208-downtown-big-skies-IMG_5286-H web 190612 Piper Interpretive Trail IMG_5902 web 190622-Stormy-Sunset-downtown-IMG_6479 web 190312 Railroad Park Red Bud Trees and Sunset IMG_0553 web 190713-Birmingham-in-Bloom-IMG_8143 web 190612 Piper Interpretive Trail IMG_5867 web 190811 railroad park at summer sunset IMG_1768-H web 190825-Birmingham-with-Fog-Overhead-IMG_3659brighter web 190624-sunset-in-crestline-village-IMG_6583 web 190914 pink reeds at railroad park IMG_5450 web 191115 linn park fall sunset IMG_2017-H web 190811 railroad park at summer sunset IMG_1860 web 191128 downtown at night on a breezy evening 2M7A0628 web 190914 pink reeds at railroad park IMG_5454 web 190128-perfect-january-day-before-snow-IMG_2711 web 191216 vulcan trail 2M7A0808 web 191127-vulcan-blocking-the-sun-2M7A0117 web 190222 Fractals on Vulcan Trail IMG_7457 web 191201-railroad-park-at-christmas-2M7A0750 web 200128 The Magic of Railroad Park 2M7A3155 web 190405-Railroad-Park-sunset-silhouettes-IMG_3291-edit web 191128-railroad-park-sunset-spectacular-for-thanksgiving-2M7A0457 web 190616-Storms-Behind-Railroad-Park-IMG_6153 web 200128 The Magic of Railroad Park 2M7A2962 web 200207 Birmingham sign elyton night skyline web 190713-Birmingham-in-Bloom-IMG_8255 web 200128-The-Magic-of-RR-Park-2M7A3155-Edit web 200228 Sloss and Map bw web 190825-sky-moving-fast-over-birmingham-IMG_3647-H web 200225-pinks-playing-at-the-Alabama-2M7A5616-300ppi web 200128-flying-off-into-the-sunset-at-railroad-park-2M7A2938 web 200602 Cahaba Lilies at Cahaba River NWR IMG_5403 web 200215-sixteenth-street-baptist-church-2M7A4895 re edit web 191128-downtown-at-night-on-a-breezy-evening-2M7A0586 web 200506-birmingham-through-the-roses-2M7A9427 web 191216 vulcan trail 2M7A0827 web 200628 Railroad park on a late summer night _M7A4311 web 200128-Birmingham-through-the-Rainbow-Tunnel-2M7A3406 web 200207 Rotary Trail and Birmingham at Night Conglomerate IG SIZE web 200228 Sloss and Map web 201107 downtown in fall colors cropped _M7A6781 web 200617 oak mountain gorgeous june sunset _M7A3145-H web 200807 downtown at night from the elyton _M7A8013 web 201110 jemison water wheel house mill _M7A7692 web 201229 vulcan _M7A3284 web 210101 New Years sunset Over Birmingham _M7A7631 web Sixteenth Street Baptist IMG_2450 2 web